World Problem

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Season 1, Episode 1


September 13, 1997

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This is the series premiere of Mrs. Munger's Class.

The part where Mrs. Munger says the title the first time is used on the 1998 home video release of The Little Mermaid as part of the One Saturday Morning promo preview.

Summary Edit

After Mrs. Munger tells the class to simmer, she makes them do a word problem. Everyone is upset except for Dawn. The word problem is a math problem about a guy named Funshi pulling off a dozen apples and Sitoshi has 10 oranges minus one he gave to Consuela. Theodore attempts to give the answer but he really doesn't have the answer. Lance later swallows a fly according to Cissy. Lance gets sick, but he doesn't want to go to the nurse. Then Mrs. Munger repeats the problem, to much of the class's disgust. Phoebe then says, "COOKIE!", and Cissy reports it. Then everyone says, "Grace," from the help of the Georges, much to her irritation. Then Mahoot really doesn't give the answer because he says "What?". Finally, the class says the answer after Mrs. Munger gets stressed out.

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