The Pits

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Season 1, Episode 17


January 17, 1998

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Seeing Things

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This is the seventeeth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

The class gets rowdy in the beginning and Mrs. Munger tries to simmer them. But then Grace backs her up by yelling "CUT IT OUT!" The avocado pits that grew yesterday on the window sill have grown. Karyn's pit is dead because she didn't do a good job of taking care of it. Lance loves his pit a lot. After Cissy reports it, everyone else (except Grace, Phoebe, and Mahoot, and of course, Mrs. Munger) sings "Lance and Pit, sittin' in a tree, K I S S...!" Grace interrupts this by yelling once again, "CUT IT OUT!", but that's because Theodore kisses her (and Cissy reports this) and then he says, "ING?" Amanda's pit grows whenever she sings (Cissy reports this one), so it really helps. The Georges lost their pits (another of Cissy's reports). Dawn says that the bell is broken and everyone should be at lunch. Then it rings.


Even Rock is among those teasing Lance for loving his pit.

Apparently, Cissy makes the most reports in this episode.


When the Georges say their catchphrase, both of their mouths move, but only one of them is heard saying it.

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