The Curve

Episode and Season:

Season 1, Episode 4


October 4, 1997

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Math, Sarcasm, Paper

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This is the fourth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

Mrs. Munger tells the class that the tests that they took yesterday were not very good. She decides to grade the tests on a curve. After a confused Mahoot talks to Mrs. Munger, someone sneezes and Gordon says "Gezundheit!". Mrs. Munger tells the class to simmer and that sneezing is no laughing matter. The Georges are allergic to cheese according to Cissy. Theodore tries to tell what he's allergic to, and then he responds with pollicutten blends. Karyn says that her aunt was allergic to couch doilies. "CRABGRASS!" shouts Phoebe. The class gets out of control, but Mrs. Munger not only tells them to simmer, but warns them against ending up in "simmer school." Then Dawn finally breaks the ice by telling Mrs. Munger what a "curve" really means. Lance then karate chops his desk. Then the class tease about Grace loving Lance. Then one of the Georges closes out the episode saying that he's allergic to ham.

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