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Season 1, Episode 11


November 22, 1997

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This is the Thanksgiving Special of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

The class rehearses the Thanksgiving play. Phoebe yells out "Squanto!" and the class makes Indian noises. Artie says that Squanto is funny after Cissy reports about what Phoebe said. They still make Indian noises and Mrs. Munger tells the class to simmer. Mrs. Munger tries to ask who Squanto was, but she is once again rudely interrupted by the class's Indian noises. Dawn tries to answer, but she is interrupted as well and tells the class to simmer. She continues to tell about Squanto. Then Mrs. Munger asks why there is turkey on the table at Thanksgiving. Karyn says it's dead, but really, it was on the pilgrim's table. A celebration of arriving in America. Artie is from New Jersey, although he does not know his true nationality. Then everyone puts on their pilgrim hats, and everyone continues to make Indian noises after the Georges say "Squanto!" Cissy claims they are Squanto, referring to them as "twins," and the Georges say, "We're not Squanto," but corrects that with "twins." Dawn suggests that introducing Indian words will keep them from saying "Squanto". Theodore tries to say something but just says "Shoes". The episode ends by Mrs. Munger wishing the audience a Happy Thanksgiving.