Tallest Building

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Season 2, Episode 35


November 14, 1998

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This is the thirty-fifth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

The class visits the tallest building in town, The Henderson Professional Tower. It is over four stories high, but Dawn asks why it is over four but not five. Artie says that there is an antenna on top. After Lance says his ears pop, the class exits the elevator and goes up to the top where they can see all different parts of town. Mrs. Munger asks what that building is down there. Theodore tries to answer, but he says the Astrodome, which it is not. The building down there is really the school. After Phoebe yells "TOSTADA!" and Grace thinking that comment was gross, Cissy reports that the Georges are watching their spit go down while Rock throws paper airplanes. A paper airplane then lands in Mrs. Munger's hair and the class laughs. Then Mrs. Munger tells everyone to go back on the bus, which disappoints the class. Mrs. Munger then takes a deep breath after all the commotion.

Trivia Edit

This is the last field trip episode.

For once, the Georges do not say their catchphrase when Cissy refers to them as "twins."