Substitute Teacher

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Season 1, Episode 10


November 15, 1997

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The Zoo

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This is the tenth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class and the only episode in the series where Mrs. Munger is absent for the whole episode.

Summary Edit

Everyone in the class is here, but not Mrs. Munger. Ms. Weiner fills in for Mrs. Munger and tells the class to "Cork it!" and blows her whistle to quiet everyone down. Then she tells the class that Mrs. Munger (who she calls Ms. Munger) will be back tomorrow (really next week because the show airs every Saturday). One of the Georges knows that Ms. Weiner is the field hockey coach. Then Weiner tells the Georges to do 20 push-ups. As she continues her speech and tells everyone her name, but to call her coach, Ms. Weiner again gets interrupted by Cissy. She then tells her to do 20 push-ups as well. Although Dawn admires and compliments Ms. Weiner for visiting the class and being so strong, she unfortunately tells Dawn to do push-ups as well. After Lance asks Ms. Weiner to go to the bathroom, she asks, "WHAT?!" as if she doesn't understand what he is saying. And Mahoot says, "What." Ms. Weiner tells Mahoot to do push ups too. Ms. Weiner tells the class they're going to study field hockey and asks if there are any questions. Theodore was trying to say something, but he does push-ups as well. The class thinks Mrs. Munger is better, but then Ms. Weiner tells the whole class to do push-ups (but Phoebe doesn't). The bell rings and everyone cheers with joy. To much disgust, Ms. Weiner replies, "I gotta stick with field hockey".

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