Simmer Minute

Episode and Season:

Season 2, Episode 36


November 21, 1998

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This is the thirty-sixth episode of Mrs. Munger's class.

Summary Edit

After Mrs. Munger simmers her talkative class, she tells them it's time for a Simmer Minute. That means complete silence, no sounds, no talking, just thoughts inside their heads. Karyn thinks that silence feels like being dead, Gordon thinks about how insecure he is (his body shrinking and his voice increasing in pitch throughout this thought), Artie thinks about how handsome he is, Rock and Lance do psychic brain talking, Phoebe thinks about crashing and screaming, Dawn thinks about what to say to Mrs. Munger after Simmer Minute, The Georges think about how quiet it is and each wonders what the other is thinking, Mahoot has radio interference in his head, Cissy thinks about what bothers her, Grace thinks about the class pretending to pick on her because they're jealous, Amanda think sings about silence making no sense, Theodore thinks about what he wants for lunch today indecisively, Mrs. Munger thinks the same thing about the Georges. Then, the simmer minute ends and the bell rings.

Trivia Edit

  • There is one subliminal message in this episode. When Cissy is thinking "Cissy, your right knee cap itches!" she really means "Cissy, your right knee cap b***hes!"
  • Yvonne is the only student in the class whose mental sounds are never known.