Seeing Things

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Season 1, Episode 16


January 3, 1998

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The Pits

This is the sixteenth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

While Mrs. Munger and the class talks about astronomy, strange things such as being in outer space and the planets revolving around happen. Dawn knows the planets very well while the other students just be silly and goof off. Then when the bell rings, everything is back to normal.


When Mrs. Munger announces the study of astronomy, Cissy claims the twins saw a UFO once. The Georges deny it and add, "and we're not twins!" Gordon, nevertheless referring to them as twins, calls them UFOs ("Unidentified Freaky Oddballs"). Phoebe shouts, "SHAMPOO!" and Cissy reports this. Mrs. Munger tells them to simmer and ask the students. "Nepturne" and "Geppetto" are Theodore's guesses, but Mrs. Munger rejects those guesses. Dawn lists all of the planets in alphabetical order, and she asks Mrs. Munger if she gets extra credit, but she says no. "BAGPIPE!" shouts Phoebe. Then Theodore tries guessing again and ends up with "Plutus." Then the bell rings.

Trivia Edit

This is the first episode of the New Year in 1998.

In the beginning of the episode, an astronaut was holding the American flag outside the school.


Gordon's mouth is closed when he says, "¡Olé!" in this episode.