President's Day

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Season 1, Episode 19


February 14, 1998

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This is the President's Day special of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

After she tells the class to simmer, Mrs. Munger wishes everyone a happy president's day! The class's homework was to dress up as their favorite presidents. Amanda is Jerry Garcia, not Abraham Lincoln as Mrs. Munger guesses. After Gordon (dressed as Theodore Roosevelt) makes a comment about her being "the bearded lady," and is told by Mrs. Munger to "simmer," Dawn is dressed as Mrs. Munger. Even though Mrs. Munger is really not the President of the United States, Dawn believes that Mrs. Munger is her commander in chief and therefore is dressed as her, much to her dismay because it is not "the Fourth of Smoochin' Patooties." The Georges are both Martin Van Buren by "eerie coincidence." Karyn is a skeleton in order to represent the deceased presidents (it was only the first 37 Presidents then). Lance is Thomas Jefferson. Theodore is trying to figure out what he is, but then he is Jimmy Carter. His face turns into Jimmy Carter. Everyone is scared and creeped out and then his face is back to normal.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode aired on Valentine's Day.
  • It is unknown why Rock, Grace, Phoebe, Mahoot, Yvonne, Cissy, and Artie never dressed up as any President.
  • Cissy does not tattle in this episode.