Permission Slips

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Season 1, Episode 8


November 1, 1997

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The Zoo

This is the eighth episode of Mrs. Munger's class.

Summary Edit

Mrs. Munger wants the class to hand in their field trip permission slips. Dawn wants to be sweet and collect them for Mrs. Munger. She then compliments her for being lovely for a woman of her age. Then Theodore tries to guess his age, but then Mrs. Munger says that's none of his business. Mrs. Munger asks Theodore for his permission slip, but he continues to guess her age. Gordon then calls Theodore nitwitty and then apologizes in a misbehaving manner. Lance has his slip however. Theodore still takes a crack at Munger's age and Phoebe shouts out "Slapshoe!" Mrs. Munger is angry about the behavior that the class is doing. Dawn and the class apologize, but Theodore still goes at it with the age guessing.

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