Oral Reports

Episode and Season:

Season 1, Episode 13


December 6, 1997

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Rock's Song

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Spelling Bee

This is the thirteenth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

Mrs. Munger simmers the class and tells them to be prepared for their oral reports. Although most of the class is disappointed, Dawn is happy to present hers. Then she goes in front and simmers the children. Her oral report is about teaching and why it is an honored profession. While she is in the middle, she is interrupted by Lance. It was nice of her to simmer the class down, Mrs. Munger took control anyways. Then Phoebe shouts "Mahoot!" many times. Then Mahoot says "What?" many times as well. Dawn has the floor, but Gordon tells her to put it down. It makes Grace frustrated, so she tells him to "Cut it out!" The class then gets a little rowdy and Dawn has no other choice but to put up the visual aids version of her report. Mrs. Munger wants Dawn to show the oral report, but the episode ends by Phoebe shouting "Mahoot!" and then Mahoot saying "What?" back.

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