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Season 1, Episode 2


September 20, 1997

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Word Problem

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Math, Sarcasm, Paper

This is the second episode of Mrs. Munger's Class

Summary Edit

In arts and crafts class, the students learn about origami. After the class sounds out the word origami, Theodore tries to figure out what origami is, but says "Shoes?" instead. Dawn knows the answer because she's such a genius. Then the Georges glue each other. After Mrs. Munger tells the class to fold the paper into a jazzy shape, Mahoot sprays glue at most of the room. Then the class presents their origami sculptures to finish off the episode. For one, Karyn has made a casket. But Theodore says "Shoes?" again to disgust Mrs. Munger before the episode ends.


  • At one point, the Georges have glued each other together. Later, however, starting with Mahoot making the glue mess, the Georges are apart again.
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