Episode and Season:

Season 2, Episode 38


November 28, 1998

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Gerald the Gerbil

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Good Will Mahoot

This is the thirty-eighth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

The class learns about onomatopoeia, the use of words that sound like the action or thing that the word is describing. While Mrs. Munger is teaching about onomatopoeia, Phoebe yells out words that describe onomatopoeia. After Phoebe yells boom, Mrs. Munger tells Phoebe to turn her desk around for the rest of class. Then Phoebe yells "ring" which is the onomatopoeia like a bell. Mrs. Munger stops everyone, since that was not the real bell, but since she realized that the words she said like "boom", "buzz", and "splat" are examples of onomatopoeia, Mrs. Munger tells Phoebe she did a great job.

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