Math, Sarcasm, and Paper

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Season 1, Episode 3


September 27, 1997

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The Curve

This is the third episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

Mrs. Munger asks the class what 12 - 2 is. She then tells Theodore to do the problem on the blackboard. Instead of doing the numbers, Theodore writes algebra, calculus, geometry, and other random things on the board. Afterwards, Amanda tells Theodore to sit down. Artie says that Mrs. Munger is nauseous, then Gordon says Grace is nauseating, much to her annoyance. The Georges are being sarcastic according to Cissy, but really they are expressing themselves irreverently. Mrs. Munger tells the class to simmer and take out a piece of paper to do the problem. Dawn does her math problems with a pen, but Mahoot continues to just ask "Why?". When Dawn mentions that her parents travel a lot, Mahoot understands. Mrs. Munger wonders if anyone has the answer to the problem, but the class says sarcastically, "What are we? A calculator?" Then Mrs. Munger gets the joke and laughs with the class.

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