Mahoot's Cousin

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Season 1, Episode 22


March 7, 1998

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Film Strip

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Chemical Reaction (Season 2)

This is the Season 1 Finale of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

Mahoot's cousin Darryl visits the class for the day. They clearly have a relation. Darryl and Mahoot both stare blankly and say "What?" all the time. It feels like they have 3 sets of twins, Darryl and Mahoot, the Georges, and (this is according to Gordon) Grace and George Washington. Grace does not like the George Washington twin idea and says "Cut it out!" to Gordon. Phoebe loves Darryl and they exchange kisses. Amanda then sings about Love after they kiss again. Phoebe then brings her mom's lipstick and then chases Darryl out of the room and kisses him like crazy. Then the bell rings afterwards. And so ends the first season of Mrs. Munger's Class.

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