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Season 1, Episode 7


October 25, 1997

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This is the Halloween Special of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

In honor of Halloween, Mrs. Munger decides to tell the class to decorate the classroom like a spooky haunted house. Karyn thinks this room is haunted just looking at it. Then Mrs. Munger assigns Amanda, Yvonne, Artie, Rock, and Mahoot to decorate the room. While they are decorating, Mrs. Munger asks Theodore what he is going to be for Halloween. Although indecisive as always, he decides to be gum. Phoebe wants to be candy corn, even though that really isn't a costume for Halloween, it's candy. Then Artie dresses up as Manny the Uncanny. Then Mrs. Munger asks Mahoot what he'll be for Halloween, but she gets frustrated and asks the Georges what they'll be. The Georges will be themselves. Lance dresses himself as a spooky ghost. All of a sudden, after Mrs. Munger checks on the decorations, the lights go out and the class disappears, but really, it's a prank for Halloween. Trick or treat! Their prize for doing such a good job is packets of mustard. Then the episode ends by Mrs. Munger wishing a Happy Halloween to the audience and Lance saying "Booooooooooooooo...." in Pig Latin.


This is the first holiday themed special for Mrs. Munger's class.

This episode referenced another One Saturday Morning short Manny the Uncanny because Artie was dressed as Manny.