First Snow

Episode and Season:

Season 2, Episode 41


December 19, 1998

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This is the series finale of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

On a cold winter day, Mrs. Munger finishes explaining about how to make a necklace out of macaroni. Then the Georges notice it's snowing, so everyone goes outside in the snow for recess. The kids do winter activities while in the snow, such as snow angels, sledding, skiing, and snow mobiling. After Dawn makes her snow angel, Gordon throws a snowball and says that an angel needs to wear white. Mrs. Munger warns Gordon not to throw snowballs on the playground, but she gets hit by a snowball and everybody laughs. Cissy reports herself (in the third-person) throwing snowballs. Rock and Lance made an igloo. Then a snowball fight occurs, but Dawn tells the kids not to throw snowballs. But they won't listen and throw snowballs anyways. The bell rings and the class goes back inside. Mahoot tries to get in, but he falls down and just says "What?". And so, after 41 episodes and 2 seasons, Mrs. Munger's Class finally ends. The series later got replaced by a shorter lived spinoff called "Centerville" in 1999. 

This series was replaced by the shorter-lived Centerville.

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