Fire Drill

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Season 2, Episode 29


October 10, 1998

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This is the twenty-ninth episode of Mrs. Munger's class.

Summary Edit

After Mrs. Munger simmers the children, Fire Chief Susan (really Ms. Weiner the field hockey coach) appears and tells them that they are going to learn about fire safety. Fire Chief Susan tells the class that they will be doing a fire drill. Then Theodore tries to say something, and then he says that he likes her fire hat. Although Mrs. Munger appreciates the compliment, Theodore just wants the hat. Dawn thanks Fire Chief Susan for visiting the class today, but she says that firefighters, along with teachers, are sadly unappreciated. Then Cissy reports about Grace barbecuing in class again. Grace says "CUT IT OUT!" but the Chief Susan tells her to "CUT IT OUT!" because they would have called it dangerous at the fire station. Back at the fire station, Chief Susan would call that Danger R US. Theodore still wants the hat. After stuff from Phoebe and Amanda, Chief Susan tells the class that when she blows the whistle, everyone should not panic and form a single file line for the fire drill. She then blows the whistle and everyone runs around. Then she stops everyone by blowing her whistle. Chief Susan then tries to say what would happen if that were a real fire, but Gordon interrupts her by saying that Grace would have everyone for lunch and put mustard on us. Grace hates it and says "CUT IT OUT!" while she has mustard on her face. After Theodore wants her hat, Chief Susan restarts the fire drill by blowing her whistle. Once again, she tells the class to go single file, but then the bell rings and it's time for lunch. When everyone leaves, Theodore takes Chief Susan's hat and leaves.

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