Field Trip
Munger field trip

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Season 1, Episode 6


October 18, 1997

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This is the sixth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

Mrs. Munger's class goes on a field trip to the Museum of Extinct Animals. After getting off the bus, the class noisily enters the museum. Mrs. Munger tells them to find the volume and simmer down. She tells the class that they are at the museum of Extinct Animals, but Phoebe rudely interrupts Mrs. Munger by yelling out "BONES!" Then the students buddy up, much to Grace's disgust. Everyone has a buddy except Mahoot. After Mahoot says "What?" many times, Mrs. Munger has no other choice but to buddy up with Mahoot. Then the class starts singing about Mahoot and Mrs. Munger being together in love, but then she tells the class twice in a row to simmer, but because "simmer" starts with "S" and "kiss" has two Ss in a row, they count it and skip from the first I straight to the second I. Mrs. Munger then asks the class what the first animal they see is. Karyn thinks is dead, which it is, but not what Munger was looking for. Artie thinks it's a turkey, but Gordon talks back by calling him a turkey. Dawn knows the answer, a woolly mammoth. Then after all the commotion from the class, they all break for lunch.

Trivia Edit

This is the first episode where Mrs. Munger's class does the Field Trips.

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