Exchange Student

Episode and Season:

Season 2, Episode 25


September 19, 1998

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Wild Blue Yonder

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This is the twenty-fifth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

Everyone is in the class except Mahoot. That is because a foreign exchange student from Sri Lanka named Farqhuar is visiting for the week. He is in Mahoot's seat while Mahoot is in Farqhuar's seat in Sri Lanka. After everyone says hello to Farqhuar and Phoebe yells "MAHOOT!", the phone rings and Mrs. Munger answers it. The call is from an operator saying that the call is from Sri Lanka, which it is Mahoot. Although Mahoot doesn't seem to be answering Mrs. Munger's questions by saying "What?", Mrs. Munger tells Mahoot to take pictures. Farqhuar says that America is awesome and that there is a video store on his corner called "Cap'n Tap'n". He then takes a picture of the class with his camera. Then the phone rings and it is Mahoot speaking on the phone again. Feeling stressed, Mrs. Munger flashes foward one week later. After a long week in Sri Lanka, Mahoot shows the class a class picture of Farqhuar's class in Sri Lanka with him in it. To much disgust since the class picture looks a lot like Munger's, Mrs. Munger replies with "Oh my noodle!"