En Espangol

Episode and Season:

Season 1, Episode 5


October 11, 1997

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The Curve

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Field Trip

This is the fifth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

Mrs. Munger wants the class to speak in Spanish (Español) for the episode. Although most of the students have trouble speaking Spanish or cannot speak Spanish, they still make good attempts. When one George asks to use the bathroom, he is given permission. This is confusing when the other George asks, because when Mrs. Munger says he told him to go ahead, the second George points out that that was the other one. Karyn calls them "dos diablos" (two devils), and the Georges shout, "¡No somos gemelos!" Then Mrs. Munger asks what the Spanish word for horse is. Lance then pokes Grace with a pinata stick, and then upon correction, apologizes to Mrs. Munger, and Phoebe imitates a horse neigh. To much grief, Mrs. Munger says, "¡Ay, dios mio!"

Trivia Edit

It is Grace that Lance owes the apology to for poking her with the stick, not to Mrs. Munger.

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