Creative Movement

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Season 2, Episode 27


September 26, 1998

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This is the twenty-seventh episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

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A special guest has come to the class today. It is Fern Berkowitz, a woman who was a roommate with Mrs. Munger at Chumpkin College. The reason why Fern came is because to do a Creative Movement workshop with the class. To start, Fern waves hello with her toe. Rock thinks Fern is someone from his planet and loves her. Then she takes out a drum called "Tom Tom" and he says, "Hello Children!" in a beat like "He-llo Chil-dren!" Then Phoebe follows along with "La la la la!" Before she says that the class can answer Tom Tom with movement, the class shows modern dances. Then the class goes off after she asks if they are interested in movement.