Class Pet

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Season 2, Episode 33


October 31, 1998

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This is the thirty-third episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

After Mrs. Munger simmers down the class, she tells Grace to move because she is in the way of the class's "guest". After Gordon makes a sarcastic comment, Grace yells "CUT IT OUT!". Mrs. Munger then simmers them both. The "guest" is actually their new class turtle named "Rupert". After Phoebe yells "CANTELOUPE!", the class clamors over Rupert. Then Cissy reports about George making Grace touch Rupert. Mrs. Munger tells the class not to scare him. Rock says that Rupert isn't moving. Maybe Karyn thinks it's dead. The Georges attempt to play spin the turtle, but again Mrs. Munger warns them. But she spoke too soon and Rupert bites the entire class. Mrs. Munger tells the class that Rupert is not the devil, according to Artie, but asks who will pet Rupert nicely. Then the whole class protests and says no. The bell rings and Gordon says "Let's get outta here!" followed by, "¡Olé!" Mrs. Munger maybe found their weakness, but Rupert replies with a squawk.

Trivia Edit

This episode aired on Halloween