Class Computer

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Season 2, Episode 32


October 24, 1998

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This is the thirty-second episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

Mrs. Munger simmers the class and tells them to direct their attention to the front of the classroom. Artie says that the thing in front is a new computer for the class. After Dawn tells Mrs. Munger that she can type very well, she gets interrupted and Mrs. Munger asks who would like to use the computer first. Rock says he wants to go, but Lance wants to go with him. Mrs. Munger tells Lance to sit down because it's Rock's turn. Rock then turns on the computer and the computer says "Self destruct sequence initiated!" After Phoebe yells "MEGABYTE!", Mrs. Munger warns Rock not to break the computer. Then Rock shows the class that he has done video conferencing. Mrs. Yamaguchi and her class are confused and don't know why they've done this. Then the two classes tease each other, and then Mrs. Munger tells Rock that his turn is over. Rock then yells, "I AM GAME MASTER!" The computer shuts down and crashes, which makes the class disappointed. Then the bell rings. In reality, Mrs. Munger pulled the cord and she is really "game master".