Chemical Reaction

Episode and Season:

Season 2, Episode 23


September 5, 1998

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Mahoot's Cousin (Season 1)

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Wild Blue Yonder

This is the second season premiere of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

To begin the second season of Mrs. Munger's Class, everyone is here except Dawn, Rock and Mahoot. That is because they are up front with a volcano they have created. The volcano is there because they will pour baking soda and vinegar. Gordon states that he gets a chemical reaction from Grace. Artie calls Lance pay lay and that is a volcano. Lance gets angry and everyone panics and runs around the room. Gordon tells everyone to hide behind Grace, but she doesn't like that. Then Mrs. Munger yells out "HEY!" to get the class quiet. Then Mahoot pours the baking soda in, but he pours in too much. Then Rock pours vinegar with Mahoot while Karyn hopes to be preserved in lava. The volcano then overflows the whole classroom and everyone's heads reach the top. Artie states that the volcano was fun after Mahoot says "What?", and then the bell rings. The kids swim out of the classroom.