Career Day

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Season 2, Episode 26


September 26, 1998

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This is the twenty-sixth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

Today is Career Day and Mrs. Munger asks the class what they want to be when they grow up. Gordon wants to sleep, Dawn wants to be a teacher like Mrs. Munger, Cissy wants to be a police officer since she reported about Dawn snuggling up with Mrs. Munger. Theodore doesn't know what he wants to be, but he is dressed in a silly way. Yvonne wants to be liberated, Karyn wants to be a flower arranger for funerals, Rock wants to be an arch-league warrior of the land. Theodore finally chooses to be "carpet". Amanda wants to be a singer and wants a lavender tour bus. Cissy, now as a reporter, reports about the Georges being radio salesmen (for $100 down in non-easy payments). Phoebe wants to be an endocrinologist. The Georges want to be that too, but Mrs. Munger simmers the class down. The choices that the class all made are very interesting, but will probably not make a lot of money. Mrs. Munger feels like she should've been a nun!