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Season 1, Episode 18


January 31, 1998

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The Pits

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President's Day

This is the eighteenth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

Mrs. Munger realizes that 75% of American children are fat (not ugly, as Gordon guesses when she asks him). After Phoebe shouts "OINTMENT!", Mrs. Munger thinks everyone should do morning calisthenics each day so they won't be fat. The class is disappointed about this change. Karyn said that her aunt exercised every day, but she got run over by a train. Everyone starts with touching his or her toes, but Lance can't reach his feet, so Mrs. Munger tells him to touch his knee caps like she does instead. Most of the kids touch their toes, except Gordon, Grace, Phoebe, Mahoot and the Georges switch spots. Rock rips his pants and the class laughs. Amanda and Gordon tease him, and Mrs. Munger excuses him out of "understanding the pain of adolescence." When Mrs. Munger then calls Theodore's name, indecisive as usual, he guesses, "two?" Grace eats a burger (according to Cissy's report, much to the former's dismay) and Mrs. Munger tries to continue, but the bell rings. She made a muscle at least.


Gordon, Grace, Phoebe, the Georges, and Mahoot do not do their exercises.

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