Bake Sale

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Season 2, Episode 31


October 24, 1998

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This is the thirty-first episode of Mrs. Munger's class.

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After Mrs. Munger simmers the class, she tells everyone that today is the class bake sale and hopes they are all prepared. Cissy reports that the Georges are eating Grace's snickerdoodles. But Mrs. Munger reminds them that if they eat the treats, they will eat the profit. The class is trying to get an illuminated world globe. After Mrs. Munger asks who brought treats in, Theodore tries to say something, but says goat milk. Rock brought a bunt cake. Gordon makes a sarcastic comment about Rock's bunt cake and the whole class starts a food fight. Mrs. Munger then simmers the class and reminds them about the globe, but the bell rings. She tells the class that they will clean the mess they made up after their break. To end the episode, Mrs. Munger eats one of the treats.