Art Museum

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Season 2, Episode 28


October 3, 1998

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This is the twenty-eighth episode of Mrs. Munger's Class.

Summary Edit

The class takes a field trip to the art museum. After Phoebe yells, "Megabalist!", Mrs. Munger tells the class to buddy up. The Georges say "We're not buddies" after Mrs. Munger's command. Then she and Theodore look at a fine piece of art. Although Theodore can't decide how wonderful the painting is, he still asks what it is. Mrs. Munger then tells her class to interpet the painting, meaning what you think it really is. Amanda sings about it being a blob. Gordon states it being an elephant leaving it something behind. Yvonne thinks it's the confusion and frustration of life. After Artie states that he's hungry and his feet hurt, Dawn asks if there are any paintings of ballerinas or ponies. Mrs. Munger says that it is the museum of modern art, but Dawn asks for modern ponies and ballerinas. After an arrow and the word "Art" appears on the screen pointing to the electrical box, Mahoot says "What?". Then after Mrs. Munger asks the class if there are any interpretations, Karyn states that the electrical box is blank like the future. Gordon thinks it's a fuse box, but Grace yells "CUT IT OUT!" Artie is still hungry. Then Cissy reports about Phoebe drawing a pony on the electrical box. The guard of the museum then arrives and tells Phoebe not to draw on the fuse box. But before Mrs. Munger tells the class to go to the next exhibit, they interrupt her by yelling "CAFETERIA!". Dawn thanks Phoebe for the pony painting since she likes it.