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Season 2, Episode 30


October 17, 1998

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Fire Drill

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Bake Sale

This is the thirtieth episode of Mrs. Munger's class.

Summary Edit

The class takes a field trip to the aquarium. After the bus stops, the class noisily enters the aqarium. Then Mrs. Munger tells the class to simmer and it's not their rompus room, it's the city aquarium. After Phoebe yells "Swizzlesticks!" and Mrs. Munger simmers her, the class heads over to the kiddie lagoon. Rock already has his hand in the water trying to touch some of the animals. While Mrs. Munger is explaining about the animals in the kiddie lagoon, the class laughs and Cissy reports that Mahoot has a starfish on his face. Mrs. Munger gets worried, but Gordon knocks the starfish off his face. Mahoot then replies with "What?". Cissy then reports that the Georges are waving their sandwiches at the dolphins. Then the Georges say "We are not twins!" in a dolphin like manner. Mrs. Munger then warns them not to put the sandwiches in front of them because it could start a feeding frenzy. Phoebe yells "Habius scorpius!" and then Artie says that it's a killer whale. Dawn says that killer whales do not kill humans, but to Karyn, they kill whales. Gordon tells Grace to watch out, but she replies with "CUT IT OUT!". Amanda is by the fish tank and sings to the fish. Theodore is trying to say something, but then a killer whale lands right on Mrs. Munger. Theodore already warned her and the whole class laughs hysterically. After Mrs. Munger simmers the class, she tells them to move on the next exhibit and to stay with their buddies. She then says that the wet slacks are going to chafe.

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